Getting Your On-Page Search Engine Optimization Right The First Time

Traffic gained via the search engines is really valuable because it doesn't cost anything and because it is really targeted. Even though there are all sorts of factors that will determine how much success you reach with SEO, the first thing that you need to focus on are the factors of on page SEO before you move on to link building and other things you do off of your page. So what is "on page" SEO? It's merely the optimization work that you do on your own webpage. Everything from the content you write to your keywords are part of your "on page SEO" efforts. The real purpose of this article is to show you exactly what you need to do to make the on page SEO work to your advantage.

You will get more SEO bang for your efforts with the right linking structure that is used internally to your site. All the major authority sites, like Wikipedia, have made excellent use of this structured approach. Probably the best thing for you to do is get a dedicated tutorial on how to best do this although it is not hard. Google loves internal links that are done right which is mainly because they help in making the site more easy to navigate. You will be able to be better categorized when your site uses a site map, and blogs can use a plugin for this one. You can boost your link structure a little bit with a site map link on all pages, and that is why you will usually see it in the footer section at the bottom. Everything is positive about using a site map, so you should just get it up and running, and it is easy to use the blog plugin for this. There is nothing hard at all about using them, and keep in mind that Wordpress plugin for it makes it a snap.

Keyword density is something that many ignore or are simply unaware of. Years ago spamming with your keywords fell out of favor with the search engines and Google, mainly. Putting an excessive number of important keywords on your site will be bad news, and you will have to change it. There is no one exact percentage of keyword density that you should shoot for, but rather it is a small range of approximately 2-4% and maybe 5% at the very most. But however it is worth checking when you are building your page just to make sure you do not go overboard.

The on page factors of SEO are not difficult to learn or do, but they are a must if you want to get organic traffic. SEO is something that really is not hard or a big mystery, and that is why we encourage you to do your own. After you have done this for a number of your pages, then you will understand why we say it is not hard to do.

Give it a facelift SEO wise and get things in place since this is the only way you'll here be able to achieve sustainable rankings over a period of time. Avoid getting caught flat footed with your site and the optimization so you do not make mistakes.

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